Pelvic Pain


Chronic Pelvic Pain - Endometriosis

All women will experience pain in the lower abdomen from time to time. Most commonly this can occur due to their periods or menstruation. 

Normal monthly changes can be associated with discomfort and mild to moderate pain, which should however respond to standard pain killers and you should be able to continue with normal activities.

Although pain is perceived differently by different individuals however If the pain does not respond to painkillers it is possible that the reason for the pain is more than cyclic changes.

Other causes of pelvic pain can be endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory, disease ovarian cyst and problems related to early stages of pregnancy such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.  It is important to speak to a specialist doctor if you are troubled by it.

Mr von Widekind is an experienced gynaecologist in diagnosing and treating pelvic pain, he will discuss your various treatment options to achieve an ideal individually tailored treatment plan.

Mr von Widekind is lead clinician for endometriosis at Northampton General Hospital.

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