General Gynaecology / Second Opinion


No Problem too small

There are numerous conditions which

can cause concern and a prompt expert

opinion could be reassuring.

* Pelvic/ovarian cysts

* Family Planning/ recurrent  miscarriage

* Problematic periods

* Sexual problems

* Ovarian cancer screening

* Bleeding after menopause

Benefit of Second Opinion

Medicine is based on evidence and on opinion.  On one hand there are attempts to standardise processes yet on the other hand to individualize treatments. It is therefore often helpful to seek a second opinion.

Often one is facing a major decision or perhaps not enough or no progress has been made with treatment. A second opinion also enables one to find an alternative treatment /strategy or supports you to proceed with confidence that the suggested treatment is the best available.

Mr von Widekind has 20 years of experience in general gynaecology and ultra sound,  and as clinical director he is aware of the many treatment  options. Combining this with history taking and scan he will be able to offer a well substantiated second opinion.

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