Advanced Keyhole Surgery


Choosing Gynaecological Minimally Invasive Surgery

Mr. von Widekind is an advanced laparoscopic surgeon he

  1.   has been involved in pioneering laparoscopic surgery since 1988.

  2.   is lead surgeon for severe endometriosis.

  3.   introduced LaSH Hysterectomy in the East Midlands in 2007.

95% of all his patients have laparoscopic procedures for hysterectomy and all fertility sparing operations.


One of the greatest trends in the history of surgery is the advent of minimally invasive techniques for the full spectrum of surgery types performed on the human body. Minimally invasive means performing surgery in many cases without open incisions. For patients, this can translate into a lower risk of infection, faster recovery and less scarring. Because of the great benefits offered by such techniques, minimally invasive options challenge the standard-of-care for many conditions and should always be considered for



*Pelvic Pain

*Pelvic Prolapse

*Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

*Laparoscopic Myomectomy



*Ovarian Cysts

In general, Gynaecologists use laparoscopy as a diagnostic tool and to support minor procedures such as biopsy or draining of a cyst and to assist basic steps of a vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH).

In contrast, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeons have extensive experience in using minimal invasive techniques and  do not resort to open surgery.

They can manipulate organs safely and with numerous strategies can handle technically difficult situations, thus avoiding open surgery. They can operate on patients with previous surgery, know how to apply bloodless preparation techniques and they can suture intra-abdominally e.g. insert and attach meshes and can remove a large organ through a small hole.

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